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Most builders are already thinking about next year’s kitchen trends, and anyone looking for custom home builders is likely considering that too. The kitchen is the gathering place and tends to be the most important room in the house, so it’s no wonder it’s on their minds.

According to interior designers across the country, these are the top kitchen trends and include high-tech additions, glamor, laid-back colors, and more. Invest in some of these for a client or a home being planned with custom home builders so the styles are up to the task.

Soft and muted color options

Custom home builders report that kitchen colors are changing. Although white as the main color will continue to dominate, everything else, including the backslash and cabinets, will be featured in charcoal, gray, and pastels like pale blue and mostly green. There are also many tinted whites compared to standard bright white.

So if future homeowners were hoping for eye-catching primary colors, they might want to think again. Even as accent colors are not going to be popular, stick with muted hues as primary and accent color options.

Lighter wood tones like whitewashed, oak, and walnut will also become more popular. Dark was dominant in recent years, so this is going to be a big change.

Smart kitchen spaces

Be prepared to include more high-tech options in the kitchen according to the custom home builders, they are taking over. A prominent space for smart devices is a change many want, like hidden charging stations for phones and tablets.

Offering comfort to all family members is important, especially since they are on the go. State-of-the-art ovens, stoves, refrigerators and even small appliances will be featured. Built-in coffeemakers and wine coolers add a luxurious air to the kitchen.

The 80’s are back

Just when everyone thought the ’80s had come and gone, it surprises us all with things like mirror backsplashes, brass faucets and fixtures, and shiny surfaces from days gone by. Of course, they have that new look according to custom home builders, so anyone who is concerned with implementing them should take a second look at these fancier versions.

Metal cooker hoods

Metallic finishes reigned as a recent trend for kitchens. Copper, bronze, and brass were all desirable. They were mostly used in small fixtures like lighting, faucets, and other additions like soap dishes and drawer or cabinet pulls.

Now, metal will be much more used as a cooker hood. The extractor hood will become a kind of centerpiece in the kitchen. The wooden hoods will be replaced by fully metallic or partial versions. The contrast with the subdued tones is impressive.

Integrated spaces

Also known as an open floor plan, most custom home builders still adore the integrated spaces between the kitchen, family, and living room. This allows whoever is working in the kitchen to interact with all the other family members or guests.

The change lies in the use of hidden or built-in appliances to converge the kitchen with other nearby living spaces for a shortened feel.

New traditions

Today’s kitchens will go with simpler designs according to design specialists, but that clean feeling is associated with older traditions. This means that it is not the end of traditional designs. Many owners are happy with fewer details and more strategically placed accents.

Bold lines are sought and will highlight the main elements of the kitchen. This includes range hoods, kitchen islands, and cabinet crowns, among other things.

Texture rules

Finally, among the main trends launched by custom home designers is that of contrasting textures. Look for texture on top of texture type designs or a repositioning of the same texture in different patterns. The subtle difference makes a great statement when done right.

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