Software applications, abbreviated as Apps, have helped improve a smartphone user’s ability to multitask. Offer everything at your fingertips. However, there are some applications that do not introduce anything new; enhance existing functions.

Texting or SMS has been around for years, even before Android opened its eyes to the world. An SMS allows you to transmit complex messages in the fewest number of words. Some applications designed for Android have revamped the traditional text messaging function. They allow you to organize SMS on your device, provide backups, regular inbox cleanings, and lockdown and security features. There are free and paid SMS management apps for Android. We have talked about 5 free SMS managers for Android.

1. SMS Backup Manager n2:

The name gives you a clue to the main feature it offers. Allows you to backup and restore text messages. When you download and install the application on your device, a backup file is created on your SD card. All text messages are transferred from your phone to this backup file, freeing up tons of phone memory. Make backup copies of everything; you can delete what you don’t want. The other standout features include the ability to send international messages at a low rate, bubble-style chat view, and multi-language support.

two. Door SMS:

Gate SMS is another free SMS manager for Android devices that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. This is an app to use if your operator charges unusually high text fees. It offers Internet gateway support and helps you save on every text message you send. It automatically identifies the operator, reminds users of unread messages, and allows you to set a ringtone of your choice with different vibration levels. The only downside is that this free SMS manager app for Android displays a lot of ads that are not present in the premium version.

3. SMS Guard:

It’s annoying to be bombarded with spam messages from strangers. SMS Guard stands out for its blocking function. Just add the number to the Deny list. Thereafter, all messages from that number will be automatically deleted to the spam box or deleted without notifications. Not all SMS management applications are compatible with older versions of Android. SMS Guard is compatible with Android versions 1.6 and later.

Four. SMS manager:

How I wish there was a way to hide private and personal messages from prying eyes! Fortunately, there is one in the form of the SMS Manager. Allows you to move text messages from Android inbox to application inbox. The password protection feature makes it easy to hide personal text messages from other people. Another nice feature is the ability to enable and disable notifications for incoming and outgoing text messages.

5. Automatic SMS Cleaner / Deletor

If your inbox is full of junk and it’s eating up your phone’s memory, it’s time for a cleanup. We are not talking about deleting individual messages. This best free SMS manager for Android allows you to clean multiple messages at once. The user must enter the two dates between which they want the messages to be deleted. You don’t need to worry as deleted messages can be restored later.

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