Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces sexuality as a doorway to the Divine. If you experience lovemaking as a living prayer and see your loved one as a God or a Goddess, then sex can take you beyond the world of form, into the mystical realms without form. Here are 7 tantric tips to help you turn sex into a spiritual practice.

Kiss and bite the neck

The neck is a sensitive and exciting erogenous zone. Explore the entire neck and throat area with various types of kisses, bites, bites, and bites. Follow your lover’s lead as to what he likes. See if you can bring your lover to orgasm just by stimulating her neck.

Connected breathing

Before making love, take some time to breathe together and connect your energy. Practice slow belly breathing while looking into each other’s eyes. Do this practice until you feel the energy flowing between you. Connect your energy to your lover’s energy starting at the base of the spine and working your way up to the heart.

Share how you like to be loved

Take turns telling your lover exactly how love likes to be. Be specific. Show them where and how to touch you. You might even want to show it by touching yourself while they watch. Describe how you like to be kissed, if you like to be teased, describe a favorite fantasy, etc.

Embody a particular god or goddess

Dress up as a particular God or Goddess, such as Krishna and Radha, the Hindu God and the Goddess of love. Embody their qualities and imagine what it would be like to make love to each other as this God and Goddess. Then play your roles as “Divine Lovers”.

Erotic massage

Give your beloved an erotic massage. Take your time, do long, slow movements, and go slowly. Discover new ways to give them pleasure. Help them expand their “pleasure body” using the 3 Keys of Tantra Sky Dancing, breath, sound and movement.

Reciting erotic poetry

Find poetry that turns you on. I like Rumi, Hafiz and Kabir. Take time to read erotic poetry out loud to your lover. Write your lover an erotic or ecstatic poem and recite it. Make up a Haiku. Let the language massage your soul.

Be a love artist

Stretch out and discover new ways to love like never before. Be a canvas to play with love. Know that you cannot fail as a love artist. Humans are love in shape. Get inspired and share your vision with others.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that encompasses all areas of life as a path to awakening. Human beings need to be touched and to feel love. Sexuality is a way of connecting with your life force energy and entering ecstatic realms. Learning to give and receive pleasure is healthy, fun, and binding. Practice loving yourself and others on a daily basis. Spread joy and create a better world.

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