Training your new kitten to be an outdoor kitten. Is it the best for your kitty?

Many people believe that kittens and cats are happy outside, roaming around the yard or neighborhood. Although people don’t seem to feel this way about their dogs, many people want to know if they should train their kittens to be outdoor cats.

Training your kitten to be an outdoor cat would involve making sure she stays in a safe area, like your backyard, and comes to you when called. Cats generally don’t stay in the confines of your backyard, because they are territorial animals and have a certain radius, maybe half a mile, that is their territory and that your kitty will roam. Since your kitty is very likely to roam her “turf,” this means that it will be difficult or impossible for your kitty to come to you when you call unless she’s within hearing distance when you call (and wants to hear you). ). coming to you at that moment).

Should your kitty be an outdoor kitty or an indoor kitty?

While many people believe that their cats will not be happy if they are not allowed to roam outdoors, statistics show that cats live longer if they are kept as indoor pets. If cats are allowed to roam outdoors, they are subject to predators (a terrible possibility), fighting with other cats, or even being hit by a car.

If you let your kitty out when he comes home, he’ll expect to come out and then you’ll have to deal with a cat running out the door every time you open it. Cats learn habits quickly, and this includes going outdoors. However, if your kitty has never been allowed outside, he probably won’t be interested in going outside, because he’ll be content with the indoor life you’ve given him.

Keep your kitty stimulated

If you keep your kitten indoors, you can still offer her stimulation. Place cat trees by windows. Put perches in the windows so your kitty can look outside at birds, butterflies, and bees. They will be fascinated by observing the great outdoors without the dangers associated with being allowed to roam freely outdoors.

In addition to giving your kitten access to look outside, it’s important that you spend time each day playing with your kitten. Cats love anything that simulates hunting activity, so cat teasers are an ideal way to interact with your cat, keep them from getting bored, and also provide healthy exercise.

Some cats will actually play fetch with you, so if you have stuffed toy mice or a similar toy, you can throw it at them and they will fetch and return it to you. Most cats won’t search as eagerly as dogs, but even the action of throwing a toy (your kitty’s prey) so they can chase and catch it will keep your kitty entertained.

Indoor cats are healthier and safer cats

While you may get the impression that you’re depriving your kitty by not letting him roam outdoors, you’re actually keeping him safer and leading to a longer, healthier life as a result. They will be very happy kitties as long as you give them time to play and give them the love and attention that cats really crave.

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