Organic design uses natural elements such as wood, plants, water and is a style consistent with green living, consciously designing its interiors to be in harmony with nature. The style combines the old world principles that we are made up of the five elements earth, fire, water, air, and ether, and maintaining a balance within these elements gives us a harmonious life.

The rustic reclaimed woods used in the flower and twine hand carved barn doors bring in the elements of the forest and are also so beautifully earthy. They can be used as closet doors, sliding barn doors, or as room dividers. Artistic door panels embody the earth element and have clean lines that blend well with modern interiors.

Elaborately detailed consoles with arched facades are the epitome of natural design, taking inspiration from the arches that hugged the entrances of ancient palaces in the past. Reclaimed woods with the color seeping deep into the wood grain, antique door coffee tables are reminiscent of old world furniture, when everything was made by hand, iron nails and handcrafted construction, the very vibe of furniture it is so earthy and peaceful.

The ancient gates, Haveli gates of ancient India were handcrafted from raw woods, the thick solid teak columns and the lintel joining the column were carved with old world symbols of an urn symbolizing prosperity. Bringing the water element with the wood element is nurturing and conducive to growth. The blue patina of the doors gives a feeling of oceans and seas that are more a part of Mother Earth. The principles of the five elements are everywhere around us, we have to be open to their energies in order to learn from them.

The cabinets embrace the natural element of fire with carved sunbeams and medallions that bring the sun’s energy, vitality and source of life. Burnished woods and brass fittings, the cabinets are an artistic creation of the best traditional and classic design, showing an influence in the Spanish colonial era.

Healthy living is the natural result of an organic interior, balance within the five elements, and a conscious effort to remain in harmony with nature makes green living a lifestyle and takes us back to our roots. The core of our being is in harmony with our soul.

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