Technology is changing the way we work and is challenging every aspect of our traditional way of life. Whether it’s shopping, entertainment, gaming, studies or work, the Internet has penetrated our lives like never before. Electronic books, for example, have changed the way we read today. Now we can access and store much more material on our gadgets to read comfortably and without taking up much physical space. The popularity of e-books has led to an increase in e-book conversion services and the market is constantly growing. When Amazon released its Kindle, it created a firestorm among authors as they all wanted to digitize their work to reach as many readers as possible. Kindle made it possible for readers to store and read books of their choice without having to worry about large storage space. Authors also enjoyed this digitized version of their work as it was convenient for them to easily edit or modify it and it also increased its penetration with the reader.

Many professional companies are successfully providing ebook conversion services to their clients. The use of new technology has also ensured fast conversion without any errors.

Ebook conversion services typically include the following items.

  • Quark to ebook format
  • InDesign to Kindle/e-pub format
  • PPT/PDF formats to e-pub
  • XML/HTML to ebook format
  • RTF files to interactive ebooks
  • Printed pages in Kindlefire format (HD)
  • Test ebooks on a variety of platforms and devices
  • Optimization and editing of images in e-book
  • ebook cover design
  • Development of electronic book applications for promotion.
  • Manuscript to e-book conversion

Some benefits of ebook conversion services for authors are mentioned below.

  • Desktop Publishing – With the advent of e-books, there has been an increase in desktop publishing by authors. With a little guidance and some knowledge, authors can fulfill their dream of being a published author.
  • Personalization: eBook conversion services also allow authors to personalize their work and keep their edge. This helps authors maintain their originality without fear of getting lost in the crowd.
  • Overcome geographic limitations: With the digitized version of your books available to your readers, geographic boundaries have become redundant today. Authors now don’t have to worry about shipping issues when delivering physical books and have reduced their operating expenses. With devices like Kindle or I pad, readers can easily download the e-books of their choice at their leisure.
  • Save time: ebook conversion services have made it possible for authors to publish their work in the shortest possible time. The traditional way of printing on paper was very time consuming as the whole process is long and has a long waiting period.
  • Save costs: The ebook conversion service also helps save costs for authors by providing print-on-demand features. This means that the author can request a print when there is customer demand and therefore there is no need to manually print the books in advance, thus reducing printing costs.

In addition to these ebook conversion services, it also provides a multilingual conversion service to cater to broader markets. With 24/7 customer support services and faster eBook conversion services, you also ensure your work gets published and delivered to your clients faster.

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