Facebook is one of the largest social networking websites in the history of the Internet. But being big is also a problem for both Facebook and the users who use it. As the number of Facebook users increases, there is also a risk of engaging Facebook users with some fake profiles.

Yes, these fake profiles are a real nuisance on your profiles. They may be stranger, you may not know them, but they are still on your friends list. Do you still believe in those profiles? Are real?? These are the big questions that revolve around today. According to Facebook, there are more than 500 million active Facebook users. Of them, it is still unknown how many are false. By fake I mean how many are the profiles that embarrass others.

So I researched it and came up with 5 different ways to spot a fake Facebook profile that might be adding to your friends list or just stalking you.

1. Fake profile friends list.

Check your friends list. Yes, it can give you a clue. If you have more than thousands of friends, it’s time to raise your doubts. Yes, a person can have more than thousands of friends, but not many. See your own friends list, you can tweak around 1K. But having around 4k-5k friends on your list may not be easily acceptable. How can you have almost 4000 -5000 friends?

For example, suppose you receive a friend request from a GIRL or a BOY (opposite of your gender… yes, you can start to blush). Look at the current friend lists of that request profile. Just look at the number of your friends and actually who are they? If a profile has more friends of the opposite sex than their own. It may be a FAKE.

2. Check the activities of those profiles.

Yes, your activities. This may be more important. Usually a profile spammer can just create a Facebook profile with just an email address and you may not be looking to fill out your profile and just start sending you friend requests and apps. This could embarrass you at some point. That a person is simply flooding your emails and notifications with too many requests for apps you don’t even want to use.

Your activities can also tell you that the person on the other side you just added is real or fake. look at their Pleasures and there information. This could also give you a clue as to whether or not that person is active and not just another spammer for you.

3. Photos and videos.

You can be uploading all your stuff on Facebook, be it pictures or your videos and share it with your friends. To spot a fake profile, look at their photos and videos. Also check out the photos that others on your friends list have. labelled that person in the photo. This might also give you a clue.

That person may (if you have added them to your friends list) even tag you in some photos that may contain explicit or sexual material and may cause you embarrassment as it is displayed on your wall and most of your friends are seeing that.

Remove those tags first and remove that person immediately. You need to report/block that person telling Facebook. You can find this report/ban link in your profile.

4. Check out the links they update or share.

Facebook, as it grows, has become a spam book. With the loss of spam just flooding your emails and your notifications, it sometimes feels strange to look at them all and just believe them.

Some of the spam said “Get a Facebook T-shirt.” or “Pay this amount to keep your Facebook account active.” Watch out, these are just big. UNWANTED MAIL. They might take you to an external link and even damage your desktop or device.

Spam can also spread through Facebook chat. Yes, they can tell you to download this software for video calls and you finish downloading it and you get a virus attack on your system as well as your browser and even on your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Check the profile of who is flooding your emails and notifications with this type of SPAMS. Remove that person immediately.

5. PRESS him/her.

Yes, this can be a fun idea, but it can also work to find out if it’s fake or not. As I mentioned in my first point of verifying your friends. Beat him. If he/she pushes back, push back. Also send him a message. Usually, a spammer doesn’t feel the need to reply to every message or poke they’ve received.

Its main target is just SPAM. So you can also check this step and find out if the person on the other end is real or FAKE.

Comment below if you have such spammers or fake profiles on your friend list and also how you got rid of them. Please also share your thoughts and write a review of the steps mentioned above if you have followed them.

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