So he planted a garden this year and the tomatoes are sticking out of his ears. Maybe your neighbors planted a garden and the tomatoes are sticking out of their ears and landing in a cardboard box on the front porch. Either way, you have too many tomatoes to eat. The solution? Turn those tomatoes into spaghetti sauce.

Saving tomatoes for spaghetti sauce is the perfect solution for a large quantity of tomatoes. Spaghetti sauce is versatile. It can be used in anything from lasagna to pizza and yes, it can be used in spaghetti.

Making and canning a great spaghetti sauce is a lot easier than you might think. Many of you may have memories of your mother or grandmother slaving in the kitchen on the hottest day in late summer. The house was filled with the hot, sour smell of tomatoes. You’ll still get that for little, but at least we have air conditioning now, right?

Here are the basics for making spaghetti sauce:

Clean and sterilize your jars – When it comes to canning, cleanliness is next to godliness. Or at least keeps him out of the hospital for food poisoning. Be sure to follow all the guidelines for cleaning the jars you will be using for storage.

Prepare your tomatoes – This is probably the step that takes the most time. Tomatoes must be washed and cooked. It is necessary to remove the skin and the seeds. Once this is done, you need to add the spices requested in your recipe. It is very important to follow a recipe. Adding other veggies to the mix could be a big mistake.

Can your sauce Once the sauce is done, pour it into the clean, sterilized jars. Make sure to wipe up any excess or any sauce that has spilled down the sides of the jar. Take special care to clean the rim of the bottle. Any sauce could affect the way the jar is sealed. Put the lid on the jar, seal the lid with a ring, and place in a boiling water bath for about 10 minutes. Adjust elevation if necessary.

You will know the jars are sealed when you hear them “pop” as they cool. Once they are cool and you are sure they have a good seal, you can store them in the pantry for future use. Keep the jars out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Hope this gives you a little idea of ​​what it takes to make spaghetti sauce at home. Like I said before, it really isn’t that difficult if you put your mind to it.

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